We have launched the first blog in Poland dedicated to bichons:

and  we currently work on english version of this blog: 

                                        http:// www.aboutbichons.com

We are happy that we have managed to create a place of reliable, proven information about the Bichon Frize breed. Everything we wanted to know about bichons we gathered in one place. Only certain, reliable and proven information from the Breeders. Man learns his whole life. We have a lot of humility in ourselves. That is why we devote every moment to exploring the secret of "bichons". That is why on our blog we will try to share the discoveries we make every day;)

We also assume that it is worth sharing because good returns!  So we hope that you will find there everything you would like to know about the breed. As far as free time, the blog will be supplemented with new entries - tips from real life with bichons.