Bichon frise - few words about the breed

Probably every breeder praises his race. We, however, go a step further, because we do not know anyone who, after knowing the Bichons, would not be completely in love with them! Bichons are very unusual dogs. They have an extraordinary personality and such amount of love and affection in themselves that it is really hard to imagine.
These dogs are completely free of aggression, trustful and good in the purest possible form. Perfect for both home and small apartments, for families with children and those living alone..
Bichons are sometimes called colloquial, because they have a single layer of hair, they have no undercoat, only a ground coat. A huge plus for me is the fact that they don't have typical dog smell. They are very clean and extremely pleasant. Their black "lips" are always dry. So it's nice to give that doggy a kiss!
Bichons are often callled as hypo allergic dogs. Nevertheless, purchasing o dog
, especially when allergy is involved, must be considered carefully. Just as one painkiller does not work on everything and everyone, you can not generalize. If you are allergic and you want a bichon - check how your body reacts to it. Appropriate tests should be carried out because it is often a sensation of saliva, skin, and not hair itself. A dog is not a toy and such a decision can not be taken lightly.

We make every effort to ensure that our dogs go to "trusted" hands, so please call/ write to us,  we are happy to answer any questions and doubts! There are two allergic children living in our home - one with asthma. And we are lucky that bichons are not allergic, but before you buy any animal, check if you are not allergic to them! Do you like his character, temperament, etc.
In the FCI classification, they belong to the group of companion dogs, classified in the Bishon section and related breeds. These dogs enjoy very good health and do not require special attention. You should take care of their hygiene, bathe and comb them regularly. But dog hygiene should be a standard, not only because of the aesthetics or soiling of the coat. Regardless of the color, we take care of our pet the same way, because he lives with us at home and it is worth it to be clean and tidy. Contrary to appearances,pet bichon is not difficult to maintain at all. We provide  advice to those who buy puppies from us and we offer help 24 hours a day. We write about our care, cosmetics and the specificity of the breed on our blog devoted to the bichon: or